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2017 Summer League Rosters

Varsity Roster

Daniel Ahn

Casey Cobe

San Deluca

Kyle Duenas

Pasquale Defilippis

Trevor Dundore

Lucas Hadding

Liam Hannigan

Evan Hill

Brandon Houtz

Thomas Kenney

Riley Kocen

Max McCullough

Jake NItch

Josh Nitch

Cole Thompson

Justin Vaughan

Bradley Vondruska


Sophomore Roster

Israel Aguayo

Luke Behrens

Jackson Brewer

Ryan DeVries

Nicolas Dietzen

Dru Jasnoch

Donovan Kazik

Michael Kocen

Reece Lawler

Cameron Newton

Ryan Odden

Kyle Panek

Mathew Pawl

Nathan Rentas

Ryan Scanlon

Gabe Schmitt

Joshua Troy

Matthew Welder


Summer Baseball Payment Directions
(Per School Rules, Fees must be paid by Friday, June 16 or student will be ineligible to play)

Click Here to Pay for 2017 Summer League

(Then select Sophomore or Varsity > Add to Cart  > Check Out)

Summer Camp Info

Click here to access summer camp information